All members of the congregation of the church of Christ at Arima with an interest in learning how to become a (better) teacher of God’s word are invited to participate in a 10-12 week training program hosted by our congregation and facilitated by the Trinidad School of Preaching (TSOP).


This course will begin on Saturday July 10th 2021 from 5pm via Zoom.


Members can participate to either gain knowledge or a certification from the TSOP (once meeting the criteria of completing assignments and attendance).


Please complete the registration form provided in the link below to submit your information BEFORE July 8th 2021 and to receive the course information via email.


You are encouraged to participate in this course if you are interested in teaching at home, Sunday School, VBS, Adult Bible Classes or for your own general development as a Christian.

The purpose of conducting this course is to ensure that our members (especially those who desire to teach) are well equipped with the tools, knowledge and techniques necessary to help us all to grow in God’s word and spiritual maturity so that we may fulfill our mission as given in Matthew 28:19-20.